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Aloe Up- Aloe Ice Sunburn Relief Jelly, 4oz (120ml)

Aloe Up- Aloe Ice Sunburn Relief Jelly, 4oz (120ml)

The Aloe Up difference is literally rooted in nature! – all the products come from Aloe Vera plants organically grown in Texas. For centuries, Aloe Vera Gel has been used to soothe and heal dry, chapped skin after exposure to water, wind and sun.

Aloe Up's 'Aloe Ice' contains 99.6% Aloe Vera Gel by volume - more than any other sunburn relief product. This rich jelly restores moisture to dry skin and the anesthetic Lidocaine relieves sunburn pain.

* Great for sunburn relief, burns, cuts, scrapes, bites and even coral burns
* Reduces swelling, soothes itching and moisturises
* Directions: Apply generously to affected areas.

Price: £6.99  

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