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Banana Boat Ultramist Sport Spray SPF30 175ml

Banana Boat Ultramist Sport Spray SPF30 175ml

Perfect for the energetic type who don’t like to sit still, Banana Boat’s range of UltraMist™ Sport Sprays provide fast and even coverage, meaning speedy and easy all over protection from the sun. Not only are they extremely sweat and water resistant, but they’re also quick drying and non-greasy, making them the ideal solution when there’s a vigorous sports session on the cards. Just one pump provides continuous spray from any angle – even upside down – so you can even apply it whilst on the move!

Broadspectrum photostable UVA/UVB protection (AvoTriplex™)

Quick drying and non-greasy

Very water and sweat resistant

Easy, rub-free application at any angle, even upside down

Dermatologically tested

Fragrance free

Price: £11.99 (OUT OF STOCK)

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